Minnesota Weather Report

Emery and Goldy
Emery Kleven interviews the
University of Minnesota mascot, Goldy

MINNESOTA FLOODING…near Mankato occurred where they had anywhere from 5 to 7 inches of rain on the night of June 17, reports Emery Kleven (Minnesota Farm Network, Minneapolis, MN). The field in the photo at right shows how fields looked after heavy rains in southern Minnesota. More recent rains caused some urban flooding in the Twin Cities and for some farm fields, it continued to be wet. If they weren’t underwater for too long, some fields are making a comeback, but it will be some time before farmers know the full extent of the damage. Rock County in the extreme southwest corner of Minnesota will lose about 100,000 acres out of their 250,000. “We need some warm sunshine now and looks like we may get some during the first week or two of July,” Emery said.

Soaked MN farm fields
Field soaked rains in Southern