Molino Inducted Into Louisiana Ag Hall of Distrinction

Don Molino, farm broadcaster for the Voice of Louisiana Agriculture Network, was recently inducted into the Louisiana Agriculture Hall of Distinction after decades of service in farm broadcasting.

Molino has been in the broadcasting business since 1964, when he was a senior in high school. He entered farm broadcasting 35 years ago at the Mississippi Agricultural and News Network but was transferred to the Louisiana Agriculture News Network in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, shortly after.

“I’ve been all over the place,” Molino said. “My job has allowed me to travel to some cool places like Cuba, Brazil, and Argentina, as well as much of the U.S.”

While farm broadcasting has taken Molino all over the globe, he says it has an important role to play in local communities.

“To me, local radio is serving the local community, and I think it’s something that we’ve lost over the years,” Molino said. “I think farm broadcasting has allowed local radio to thrive in many communities because they depend on the information we’re providing.”

Molino encourages young people to get a solid education if they want to enter broadcasting as a career.

“Get a liberal education, work on good grammar, and don’t be afraid to start at the very bottom and work your way up,” Molino said.

Throughout his career, Molino has been an active member of NAFB, formerly serving as its national and regional vice president.

“All the men and women in NAFB go out of their way to help other broadcasters,” Molino said.

PHOTO: Molino (right) is pictured with his fellow inductees.