Murphy in the Morning Joins Rural Space

Kyle Murphy (KSJB, Jamestown, North Dakota) produces and anchors Murphy in the Morning.

Murphy started his radio career in 2006 in Salt Lake City, where he worked for KBER 101 for a total of six years, four and a half of those doing overnights.

“Then I moved to southern Utah, near Vegas, to a town called St. George. I spent roughly four years down there working for KZHK, eventually moving up to mornings and becoming the assistant program director. To follow, I briefly moved back to Salt Lake City and worked in television for about eight months. I got a call from Los Angeles, asking if I wanted to move to Butte, Montana. I spent the next two and a half years there and was ultimately laid off due to COVID. Then, a couple months later, I was picked up in Gillette, Wyoming, and spent only a year there,” Murphy said.

“Now I’m here in Jamestown, North Dakota, my first market that is as rural as it gets. I had the chance to attend the 2021 NAFB Convention in Kansas City, and I learned a lot. It’s my first time in an agriculture market, so I hope to spend a lot of time here. I’m tired of moving around the country,” Murphy concluded.

PHOTO: Murphy, left, with the late Charlie Daniels of the Charlie Daniels Band, in 2019