NAFB Leadership Academy

The first NAFB Leadership Academy convened in Washington D.C. just prior to Washington Watch. Farm News Director Sabrina Hill (AgNet West Radio Network, Sanger, CA) wrote about her experience in a blog which we are excerpting here.  “This was my first year attending Washington Watch. I was the only representative of California in the group, and it’s always fun for me to meet up with cohorts from the Midwest and other areas,” she said. “This year was also the inaugural NAFB leadership class, and I had the honor of being one of the nine people in the class.”

The NAFB Leadership Academy was developed to help identify members interested in learning about leadership opportunities within the association, and identify future NAFB leaders. “NAFB needs strong leaders in the future,” said Tom Brand, NAFB Executive Director. “Washington D.C. and the Washington Watch program, provided for a perfect opportunity to bring future leaders of the association together.” 

NAFB Broadcast Council members participating in the 2015 NAFB Leadership Academy included, Lorrie Boyer, Tom Cassidy, Micheal Clements, Rusty Halvorsen, Jesse Harding, Sabrina Hill, Lane Nordlund, Ken Rahjes, and Bill Zortman. The leadership group is shown at the Lincoln Memorial with NAFB President Susan Littlefield.

 “It was an amazing experience…We wrapped up the first day of our class with a trip over to the national monuments. If you want to really cap off a day of bonding, that is the place to go. Each monument meant something different to each of us, and I spent a lot of time watching my fellow group members experiencing the monuments.” To read her full blog and see other photos, go to: