Shannon Higgins (NAFB Events Manager) and Michael Kennedy met at a conference in Indianapolis when they were both working in higher education. After the conference, Kennedy reached out several times to get to know Higgins. “I would respond politely without spurring the conversation further. I was much too focused on my career to even think about dating. A year later, I had made an industry and career shift and was getting ready to move to Georgia when Michael reached out again,” Higgins said. “I remember thinking, ‘What the heck. I’m moving so there’s no harm in talking just a little.’” The rest is history. After a year in a long-distance relationship, they both moved to Kansas City to put down roots together. “By early 2018, I knew a proposal was coming — but when? After a long week putting on the 2018 NAFB Convention, Michael surprised me with the proposal and an engagement party with family and friends on Sunday, November 11. I like to joke that he strategically planned the proposal for when I’d be too tired to be suspicious. Since the engagement, we bought our first house and adopted our first ‘child’ (a German Shepherd puppy named Keva). It’s been a whirlwind of a year. We’re looking forward to celebrating our January 2020 wedding in Kansas City followed by a long, relaxing honeymoon in Jamaica!”