National Vice President Election Profile: Terry Henne

Terry Henne
Alpha Media - WSGW Radio
(989) 752-3456

Years Experience:  55 years in broadcasting, 50 years farm broadcasting at WSGW Radio

Board Experience:  Church boards, booster clubs and school boards,  College of Communication at Michigan State University Student Advisory Board,  Advisor to the Michigan Cooperative Extension Service, local Chambers of Commerce office holder,  Michigan Lions Club officer and advisor, Michigan Salvation Army Officer and Advisory Board,  Advisory Board to the Michigan Milk Producers Association, member of the Michigan Corn Growers Association, member of the Michigan Farm Bureau.  NAFB Convention Photographer for 20+ years.  NAFB Foundation Board member and officer for 15+ years

Bio:  Since 1975, I have attended the NAFB Convention every year and been proud to be a voting member since 1977.  I am at the point of my career when now my employer and I am willing to take the steps necessary for me to help lead the organization I sincerely believe in, into a new era of informing new generations of consumers and agriculture professionals of the importance of production agriculture at home and around the world.  My involvement in the NAFB Foundation for 15 years and my position as scholarship chairman for 10 of those 15 has shown me the true passion of the younger generation and their belief in our role as responsible broadcasters.  My 5+ years as NAFB Foundation treasurer showed me the willingness of all of us and sponsors to commit dollars and time to advance our cause.  Seeing is believing, and I see a strong organization now and in the future.