NEW NAFB Mentor Program

Can you help me? You may not know the answers, but you can probably help someone figure out how to get an answer. If so you could be an NAFB Mentor! We are setting up a program to help Allied Industry Council members get questions answered, get better acclimated to the association, figure out things like what sessions they should attend at convention, etc. Any number of questions may come up for a newer member. Having a mentor, or basically a buddy to contact would make things much easier.

We are hoping to establish mentor – mentee  arrangement and pair up new AIC members with those who have been a part of the association for a while, have been to a couple events such as Washington Watch and Convention and are good at sourcing answers. This would be an arrangement where it’s on your own schedule, sort of an as needed basis.

If you’d like to be an AIC Mentor, or on the other side – if you’d like to be paired up with a Mentor please let Laura Henke know. She will help facilitate the pairing and pass on contact information. Contact her at, or 262/707-6881.