Patton Named Market Anchor of Rural Radio Network

Farm broadcaster Clay Patton has shifted into a new role with the Rural Radio Network. Patton will anchor the market desk, providing timely updates and interviews with commodity brokers. Earlier, the Nebraska Rural Radio Association (NRRA) announced that longtime broadcaster and market anchor Dewey Nelson was retiring after 49 years in radio. Nelson spent 35 of those years with the NRRA.

Patton is a native of Limon, Colorado, and has been a farm broadcaster at the Lexington studios for the past two years. Prior to joining the NRRA, Patton worked in Kansas as a farm broadcaster.

“He brings a wealth of market information with him from previous experience,” Rural Radio Network Farm Director Susan Littlefield said. “I am excited to see Clay in the market chair bringing important information to those in and out of the industry.”

As for his new role, Patton says he plans to bring an approach similar to Nelson’s.

“Change is never easy, but I hope to be a consistent voice on the markets, build a reputation for being accurate, and provide timely information for our listeners. Nelson left big shoes to fill,” Patton said. “He’s a great professional who always kept the agriculture producer in mind. Also, he was a mentor to many of us in the company.”

NRRA is the only radio group in the nation owned by a cooperative of farmers and ranchers. The NRRA-owned Rural Radio Network reaches six states across the Midwest.