Pennsylvania Icy Winter Causes Dairy Barn Fire

Dave Williams (Pennsylvania Farm Country Radio Network, Honesdale, PA) reports, “Winter brought record low temperatures along with high winds exceeding 60 miles per hour and heavy wet snowfalls. All this added together toppled many trees making for large power outages throughout the northeast as well as the state.” Pennsylvania implemented a state of emergency throughout Dave’s area. “In our area there was a dairy barn fire that started from thawing frozen water pipes for their cattle, and around 100 milk cows perished in the fire which was devastating for the family.” But in January at the Pennsylvania Farm Show, Dave’s county received good news in the form of a new certified FFA chapter for the first time in more than 40 years. “The chapter started immediately to put together a fund raiser for the family whose barn burned, and they raised almost $70,000. I took great pleasure in helping to advertise this event and later to air a show with the new FFA teacher.” This is Dave’s 19th year of broadcasting in Pennsylvania. He is on-the-air six days a week for 30 minutes and reaches more than 2 million people a week. “I was raised in the dairy business and have farmed most of my life, and I feel humbled to serve the people I respect so much through Pennsylvania Farm Country and American Farm Country Radio Networks.”