Pretending To Be A Radio Host Became A Reality

Dillon Davis (The AgWatch Network, Jonesboro, AR) was born in a small town in northeast Arkansas. In his youth, he spent a lot of his time pretending to be a radio host or anchorman while helping his grandfather tend to their farm. After high school graduation, Dillon attended Arkansas State University where he majored in broadcast journalism. “With college becoming more expensive, I decided to step into the working world to get a feel for how radio is run. Thanks to the success of my first internship, I secured a part-time position with a local radio station,” he said. Working hard in his position, Dillon was promoted to the farm broadcasting side of the radio station, The AgWatch Network. Never forgetting his humble beginnings helping his grandfather work in the fields, Dillon jumped at the chance to be a farm broadcaster. Shortly after his promotion, Dillon earned the title as Interim News Director because their current director became ill. “Shifting all my efforts to AgWatch, I took the lead and helped AgWatch maintain its position as the Mid-South's premiere ag network,“ he added.  

With the return of the AgWatch News Director, Dillon accepted another promotion at the station as show host. “Hosting the afternoon music program, The Rock Block, I learned more about how radio works, especially as an on-air personality.” Eventually, The AgWatch Network reached out to him to take the reins once again. This time Dillon accepted the full-time position as news director. “Thanks to AgWatch, I have participated in many farm-related conventions and have interacted with listeners from our five-state, 65 affiliate network area.” Dillon said, “As I approach the seventh year of my radio career, with help from my peers and mentors in the radio industry, I have been able to mold my journalistic integrity into something that never disappoints our listeners.”  He concluded, “Agriculture is a huge part of the American way of life. From sowing the seeds, to hauling the products, to purchasing them at the store, American agriculture reaches every corner of the nation. And at every corner is someone that deserves current, accurate, information. Dillon Davis, with The AgWatch Network, is just the force to do that.”