Quinn Honored by Mid America CropLife Association

The Mid America CropLife Association recognized Bob Quinn, farm director at WHO Radio, with the Ruth White Media Award September 5, 2023.

The Ruth White Media Award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated evidence of consistent, objective, and accurate reporting on American agriculture and the myriad of issues involved in modern agriculture.

Quinn worked for Extension Information at Iowa State during college. During his time there, he crossed paths with an employee at WHO Radio and TV, which inspired him to eventually work there himself.

He graduated from Iowa State in 1978 and took a full-time position with a small radio station in Ottumwa, Iowa. Soon after that, he joined WHO Radio as an employee.

“I started with WHO Radio in 1983, and I have been in the farm department ever since,” Quinn said. “I have covered everything in agriculture from farm policy to worldwide ag events.”

He added he enjoyed helping the local farmer and meeting them face-to-face when possible.

“We give farmers information that’s affecting the market on a day-to-day basis,” Quinn said. “We cover weather, prices, and anything that will affect our producers. I also like to get out in the field as much as I possibly can.”

Quinn was nominated for the award by his long-time friend, Bill Northey.

“Bill was the secretary of agriculture in Iowa for a number of years, and he was the president of the Iowa Corn Growers Association,” Quinn said. “He’s also been under secretary for the USDA. So, to have someone like that nominate you is very flattering and humbling.”

The award was an honor for Quinn, and he said he was proud to receive it.

“Mid America CropLife Association is a wonderful group of agriculture professionals,” Quinn concluded. “To have that organization recognize the work I do is very humbling. These companies are the movers and shakers of agriculture, and they make the agricultural industry work.”