Rahjes Elected To Kansas Legislature

A special election to fill an unexpired term was held for a seat in the Kansas House of Representatives on December 10 and Ken Rahjes (AgView.net) won the election. On January 11, he will become one of 125 members who will represent the constituents of the 110th District. Ken will continue to do three daily ag business reports to the affiliate radio stations in Kansas and Nebraska and will soon to be expanding to other states. He will also do daily updates on AgView.net and social media. “It was a quick decision as the standing representative took a job which required extensive travel and which would not allow them to remain a legislator,” Ken said. He inquired about the position and with encouragement from locals, moved back to the farm in Kansas, became a citizen and in less than a week became an elected official. "We are a citizen legislature, so it is not a year around job. I am planning on continuing some duties with AgView.net, but have moved other responsibilities to our joint venture partner during the session." Ken said. "It will be a challenge, but the AgView.net focus will be on big picture agriculture issues on a regional and national scope." He added, “The NAFB News Service is a key to getting a quick review of what is going on around the country. I am looking forward to continuing improvements." Ken has been spending many hours on the phone, meeting constituents and reading background papers in preparation for the session. He is looking for this opportunity to be "in the arena." Broadcasters spend many hours talking about policy and politics, and a few have held positions in state houses and nationally including former U.S. Senator Conrad Burns, Montana State Senator Taylor Brown and former Wisconsin State Representative Phil Garthwaite.