Research Reports Farmers and Ranchers Count On Farm Radio

Farm Radio is an important part of the U.S. agriculture industry. Research conducted by Millennium Research on behalf of NAFB continues to showcase the reach and frequency farmers, and ranchers engage with farm broadcasting. Research focused solely on time spent with farm broadcasting; listening and watching farm news, weather, markets and ag information. Average daily listenership is 65 minutes from Wave 2, conducted this Spring. NAFB members produce on average 70 minutes of daily farm programming airing on more than 1,300 stations nationwide. 

Also, as part of the Millennium Research we asked several respondents to participate in an additional assignment; provide a weekly photo diary of how, when and where they listen to farm radio. These photos provide a glimpse into our audiences daily life. We found farmers are ranchers are listening to radio on the go, in multiple places per day, and that many times the farm programming is also being heard by others as well. Farm radio has an as big of a reach as ever.

Wave 1 and Wave 2 Report