Robinson is New NAFB Member

Will Robinson (Brownfield Network, Jefferson City, Missouri) is proud to be a new member of the NAFB Broadcast Council. He grew up on a swine farm outside of Wellsville, Missouri, 70 miles west of St. Louis.

“Growing up in a livestock family, I was given the opportunity to travel to shows from San Diego to Houston to Buffalo, New York. Along the way I have gotten to meet a lot of interesting people with different stories to tell. One of the reasons I wanted a career in broadcasting is because it is never boring and always has something new just around the corner. While showing a Yorkshire pig in Ohio when I was three years old, I sat down in the middle of the show ring and started throwing wood shavings in the air because the judge was taking too long. I am better at waiting for things now than I was then,” Robinson said.

“While growing up, one of my best memories was riding in the Ford farm truck with my dad to do chores or check cattle. On those rides I developed a love for radio. Whether it was Cardinals baseball, country music, or agriculture market updates, I was constantly in awe of the people behind the voices that crackled through the radio and out the truck speakers. While in high school, I shadowed play-by-play callers at local basketball games; and at 17, I started working for a country music radio station, KWWR, in Mexico, Missouri. Given that my full first name is William, and at the time I was the youngest DJ at the station, I took the radio name of The Kid. The Kid was a cool guy and a smooth talker playing everyone’s favorite country music classics into the late hours of the night, or at least that’s what I’d like to believe. In reality, I likely sounded pretty rough.

“I attended college at the University of Missouri (MU) majoring in science and agricultural journalism with an emphasis in broadcast journalism through the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR). My time at MU in ‘Ag J’ holds some of my favorite memories and was the perfect fit for me. As I was part of the last class from the science and agricultural journalism program and the only male to complete the degree in my class, I was dubbed the little brother of ‘Ag J’ which came with a wonderful support group during my time there. Through CAFNR, I was a member of MU Block and Bridle, where I helped host multiple swine shows, and the Agriculture Communicators of Tomorrow, where I held the roles of treasurer and president. During college, I was also a member of the Alpha Gamma Sigma fraternity, which is one of three agriculture fraternities at MU. While a member, I served as the brotherhood chairman and chaplain, and I held a seat on the judiciary board. 

“Through my studies I worked with and for KBIA, the NPR MU radio affiliate. While at KBIA, I learned more about the ins and outs of radio while putting my own spin on it and telling many stories about people in agriculture. A couple of my favorites were talking to older rural residents about rural access to emergency health care and interviewing Missouri swine farmers and veterinarians about African Swine Fever. Before graduation, I interned for the Missouri Pork Association (MPA) and Brownfield Ag News where I now hold a full-time position. During my time as the MPA intern, I attended the World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa, for the education and conference portion of the expo. I remember at one break-out session, everyone went around the room and said what their career plans were. When it got to me, I told the room I am going to be the next Max Armstrong. They chuckled a bit and I smirked back.

“I received a lot of excellent guidance in high school, through college, and now at Brownfield. I look forward to and am excited that I get to share the stories of farmers and ranchers across the country with our listeners. Becoming a broadcaster has been a dream of mine, and I can’t wait to learn everything I can from the professionals at NAFB,” Robinson concluded.