Root Creates New Weekend Show

Ken Root (Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network, Dyersville, Iowa) has started a new weekend radio show.  He says it is a half hour that is a little lighter than weekday fare and has some humor and some inspiration. On the week that Judge Brett Kavanaugh was being grilled by the Senate Judiciary Committee, Ken's song of the week was I Like Beer by Tom T. Hall. Ken wrapped his Christmas show around old cowboy stars singing Christmas songs.  Gene Autry, a native of Ken's home state of Oklahoma, was the man who popularized Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer; and Roy Rogers closed the show. His new weekend show includes plenty of agricultural information. Ken interviewed Anna Hastert and Dustin Hoffman about their biggest news story of the week for the network. The show is also turned into a podcast.  You can find it as Iowa Weekend Ag Matters on Podbean and iTunes