Scramlin is a New NAFB Member

Josh Scramlin became a member of Pam Jahnke’s team on the Wisconsin Farm Report in Madison, Wisconsin, on May 6, 2019. He said he has two passions: agriculture and broadcasting. So, it only seemed natural for him to join Jahnke’s team. And even though farm broadcasting wasn’t in the cards during his career initially, he soon realized that it was what he wanted to be doing. Scramlin grew up in the small town of Holly, Michigan. His dad, Kevin, is a hay and straw farmer with hundreds of crops sprinkled throughout the southeastern part of Michigan. His mom, Melissa, owns her own embroidery business and also is a surgical technologist. Scramlin grew up surrounded by farming. He was an active member of his local 4-H club and raised hogs, lambs, chickens, turkeys, and ducks. During his years as a 4-H member, he won numerous accolades including Grand Champion Market Hog and Market Lamb at the Oakland County Fair and Grand Champion Hog at the Spartan Classic in 2007. He helped his dad with the hay business throughout all of middle school and high school, hauling wagons from customer to customer during the dog days of summer. Scramlin got involved in showing Southdowns with his cousins while in high school and helped show at the Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan state fairs.

After high school, he headed north to the middle of Michigan and attended Central Michigan University (CMU). It was during his time at the campus radio station that he fell in love with the medium; and just a few weeks into his freshmen year, radio was consuming all his ambition. During his time at CMU, he would work at the campus radio station as well as WCFX, a commercial station just down the road from school. When he was home in Holly during the summer, he would make the 45-minute drive south to Detroit and work at WOMC and WYCD as a personality, producer, and board operator. In 2018, Scramlin graduated from Central Michigan with a BA in broadcasting and a minor in management.

Just after receiving his diploma, he landed a job as a producer with The Highway on SiriusXM. So, he packed his bags and headed south to Nashville, Tennessee. “It was a wonderful opportunity, but the big city weighed on me after a while and quite simply, I wanted to get back to my roots in the Midwest. After searching hundreds of job postings, I finally stumbled across an opening in Madison, Wisconsin, with the Farm Report. I had never heard of such a thing and didn’t even know that farm broadcasting was a career. After a few phone conversations with Pam Jahnke and a weekend in Madison, I was totally sold,” Scramlin said. “I blended my love of broadcasting and agriculture into an occupation and found my way back to my preferred region of the country.”