Steever Named 2020 NAMA Marketer of the Year

The National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA) receives nominations and selects an annual recipient who works in agri-marketing or sales and is an active member of NAMA for the NAMA Marketer of the Year award. This award is NAMA’s most prestigious honor given to an active member of the association and recognizes outstanding accomplishments in the field of agri-marketing. This year’s recipient is Sara Steever, principal and president of Paulsen and an Allied Industry Council member of NAFB. Steever’s career began as an art director at Paulsen 29 years ago, and she later worked as a web developer and digital director.

“It is my privilege to work in an industry that is true to my roots. I grew up on a row-crop and livestock farm in southeast South Dakota, but I knew that I was not cut out to be a farmer. So, to have a career that allowed me to work alongside the agribusinesses and organizations that serve farmers today was something that I never dreamed I would be able to do,” Steever said.

Steever is the incoming president of NAMA, having served for the past five years on the Executive Committee. She also served as the Northern Prairie Chapter president, currently advises both South Dakota State University and North Dakota State University student chapters and served as chairman of the Best of NAMA Conference and the NAMA Fall Conference.

“I tell people that I am NAMA’s biggest fan, and I say that because of the impact it has had on not only my career but also on the careers of countless students and other professionals in the industry. NAMA also opens doors to NAFB, an important partner in the success of our industry and, ultimately, our farming community,” Steever said.

Steever will receive her award during the rescheduled NAMA Annual Conference, slated for August 11-13, 2020, in Kansas City, Missouri.