Steever Shares AI Experience

In April 2024, Sara Steever, chief technology officer at Paulsen, spoke to college students at Iowa State University about her experience with AI.

Steever has worked at Paulsen for 33 years, starting as a graphic designer. Over the years, she has served in various capacities, including vice president of digital services and president.

“I stepped into the role of chief technology officer because that’s where my passion is,” Steever said. “I lead the agency's web developer and paid media teams, and I also work to harness artificial intelligence and any other platforms we’re adopting.”

Paulsen is a leading voice in AI, with years of experience to back it up.

“I’ve witnessed a lot of changes in the industry, and when generative AI came along, we knew we needed to embrace this change,” Steever said. “AI has a huge impact on culture and society, and good people need to embrace it because AI can have a dark side if only the wrong people use it.”

Iowa State University recently invited Steever to speak about her experience with AI.

“I was part of a forum on the digital revolution, and I moderated a panel and spoke in a breakout session last fall,” Steever said. “One of the individuals who heard me speak was a professor, and she asked me to speak to her capstone classes. Each class had approximately 70 students.”

Her presentation included her personal experience with AI.

“I always start by telling audiences about my own journey with AI,” Steever said. “I let them know that it’s okay to have differing levels of comfort with AI because you have to start somewhere. I try my best to keep up with the changes in AI as they come, and it’s an exciting frontier.”