Terry Henne Celebrates 45 Years At WSGW

More than 100 people attended a noon party on June 21 to honor Terry Henne’s tenure at WSGW (Saginaw, MI). His wife and daughter were responsible for planning and executing the party on the deck at Radio Centre with the help of WGSW General Manager Shannone Dunlap. The radio family as well as his family brought dishes to pass, grilled burgers, brats, and desserts, plus a huge cake. Clients who advertised with Terry all the way back to 1971 and are still in business today also attended the party. Terry said, “It was a complete surprise to me! This event took over a month to put together. Everyone pulled it off without a hitch. Even Mother Nature cooperated!” Forty-five years ago, he graduated on June 20 from Michigan State University with a B.S. in television and radio communications and started the next morning at WSGW  “I'm still there. Guess I couldn't find a job anywhere else,” he adds modestly.

Responsible for planning this grand event were, from left to right, Terry’s mom, his daughter Stacy, his wife Sharon and his granddaughter Alexis.