Tew Honored with Game Changer Award

Christine Tew, senior communications manager for Valent USA, was recently recognized for her positive impact within the sales team with the Game Changer Award.

Tew graduated from the University of Missouri with a bachelor’s degree in agricultural journalism and natural resources management. She also has a master’s degree in parks, recreation, and tourism. After graduation, she started a career in agricultural communications.

Over the years, she served as the director of communications and public information officer for the Missouri Department of Agriculture, and she also was the director of communications for the Missouri Soybean Association. Eventually, she found her way to Valent.

Tew received the Game Changer Award during Valent’s national sales and marketing meeting; her efforts on a big project earlier this year earned her the title.

“I worked with a team from across our company to plan our Super Field Day Series that happened this past summer,” Tew said. “It was a team effort to reopen our facilities to guests after the era of COVID-19.”

She was honored to receive the award, but she wanted to make sure her team members got the recognition they deserved for their parts in planning the event.

“It was important to me that the whole team was recognized and included in the celebration,” Tew said. “It wouldn’t have been a success if any one of us had been doing it on our own.”