In Texas

Tony Purcell,
Texas State Networks

2015 is starting out very interesting, reports Tony Purcell (Texas State Networks, Dallas, TX). “First, we have a new Texas Commissioner of Agriculture. Sid Miller is a working farmer and professional roper.” In late January, he was competing at the Ft. Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. Between rodeo performances, he made the rounds as Ag Commissioner. “I think it will be good for Texas to have an Ag Commissioner who not only occupies the office, but lives the life.” After 4 years of drought, Tony said, “There is now optimism in the cattle industry. Going to the State Fair and the major stock shows is very encouraging in that the unbridled enthusiasm just makes you feel good.” 2015 is also bringing changes in our programming, he added.  “The Lone Star Farm and Ranch Report has been on the air continuously since 1938. Over the years it has evolved and been tweaked many times. This year we have done some major tweaking including more audio teases, bumpers and rejoiners. We have added audio segments to the market reports and added a general news segment.” 
Tony explained, “The thinking is farmers are consumers, too. I am excited about the way it is going. We are expanding our social media presence on both Facebook and Twitter. You can Friend us on Facebook. Search for tsn ag. Follow us on Twitter @farmguy.”