Thoughts from Your NAFB Vice President

Gale Cunningham, (Farm Director, WYXY Classic 99.1 FM, Champaign, Illinois) said, “Being selected as NAFB National Vice President is indeed one of my most precious recognitions. Serving farm broadcasters, allied industry members, management and sales members, and honorary and emeritus members is such an honor. In each case, the passion and dedication of delivering the story of agriculture to farmers, ranchers, and  consumers is unquestionably the highest privilege one could have.” As the National Vice President, Cunningham serves on the Board of Directors with representation from all the groups of professionals. The mixture of different arenas of work from different segments and locations across the spectrum of agriculture ensures that NAFB represents all of agriculture. “The professional arm of the organization provides the skills and information, and professional development of ag industry broadcasters. This time of year is always busy with many state and national annual meetings as well as a whole host of local gatherings of farmers and ranchers preparing for the new planting season — hopefully a profitable one.” Broadcasters have been delivering the stories and information to their listeners, providing what everyone else is doing, what and why the markets are where they are, and what is coming down the research-and-development pipeline for new products and services that could be of benefit to their farm families and their farms or ranches. Along with that so very important task, they also are each day providing content to and for the consumer telling the story of how their food and fiber is produced and delivered to their home and table. The story of food and its safety has become a significant part of broadcasts today. From across the continent, the story of America’s food being the safest, most abundant, and most economically produced anywhere on the planet is front and center each day. “I share the passion of my fellow broadcasters and the many companies and businesses that keep the farmer and rancher in business down on the farm. I’m proud to represent the NAFB as its National Vice President — airing on the side of agriculture every day.”