U.S. Grains Council Releases Annual Corn Harvest Quality Report

The U.S. Grains Council released the report in November 2023 that shows the highest corn yield on record.

Alexander Grabois, manager of global strategies and trade at the U.S. Grains Council, said this is the 13th year the report has been published.

“We take samples from throughout the corn-producing states, and we run a sample analysis,” Grabois said. “We do some data collection to understand where the quality is at in the spring and at the time of harvest.”

The report measures various things to summarize how the year went, and it is discussed with partners from around the world.

“We tend to do corn quality rollouts throughout our offices worldwide, where we discuss with our international customers about what we found in the report,” Grabois said. “We help them get a better idea of the current situation. Luckily, this year was a lot of positive news, including the lowest numbers for broken corn, foreign materials, and microtoxins.”

The report’s main goal is to explain the difference in corn quality each year to international audiences, but it also is used by U.S. companies and exporters. The report also encourages other countries to buy U.S. corn and legitimizes the quality of it.

“We want to understand the corn development each year and why it is different,” Grabois said. “It’s not always constant due to certain conditions, so we want to be able to explain when the questions come each year.”

2023 was an impressive year for U.S. corn, Grabois explained.

“We were impressed that we saw the highest yield for corn on record this year, and the quality was not sacrificed,” Grabois said. “88 percent of that corn was qualified to be U.S. number 1. The reason for that is the drier weather in the spring and rain in the summer.”

U.S. Grains Council’s hope for this report is that it will promote U.S. corn worldwide.

“We want to promote our corn and all grains in markets worldwide,” Grabois said. “We want to be able to answer any questions our customers worldwide may have.”