West Region Vice President Board Election Profile: Sabrina Hill

Sabrina Hill
AgNet West Radio Network
(559) 519-1025

Years of Experience:  3

Board Experience:  2006-2012 - Volunteer Crisis Counselor

2010-2011 - Fresno County 4-H leader

2012 - Present - Central California Claus Ambassadors (serving the terminally ill & impoverished)

Bio:  My media career spans 20 years, with the past three in farm broadcasting. After spending many years in the general media grind, I have found my niche in agriculture. I am passionate about what we do as farm broadcasters and excited for the next 20 years of my career.

I want to serve as the Western Region Vice President to infuse that passion and excitement into the position. After talking with others in the Western Region, I believe our group is looking for more communication with the NAFB Board, a stronger voice within the organization, and a return to when NAFB membership had more of an impact.

The Western Region Vice President should reflect the goals and desires of the members and stand up for the region if needed. I am confident I can do exactly that. I am also well aware that the members want to be kept informed, and I'm not afraid of spending days making calls or sending out direct emails when necessary.

For the Western Region, I offer a level head, solid voice, and enthusiastic nature.  I’m dedicated to the group and want to help it flourish.