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NAFB Grave Markers

NAFB honors deceased members by offering a token of appreciation for their membership and service to farm broadcasting.

NAFB members and guests may order grave markers to display on their own gravestones or the grave of a loved one. These markers also may be displayed in an office, flower garden, or other prominent locations. These NAFB grave markers are available in two styles:

Option 1

Option 1
NAFB mounted placard
6” wide X 4” high


Option 2

Option 2
NAFB placard on metal stake for ground mount
6” wide X 21” tall


The price for either option is $100 each, which includes shipping & handling. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover are accepted payment methods.

Need more information? Contact the NAFB office or call (816) 431-4032.

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