The NAFB Planner is the newest tool for anyone researching and analyzing broadcast opportunities targeting farm and rural audiences. NAFB invested in the development of a web-based, strategic media planning resource to help kick-start the initial planning stage of any media outreach by providing a visible map of NAFB member stations and networks within a defined targeted geography.

The NAFB Executive Board is heading west this summer to explore the rich and diverse California agriculture industry.

As I edit the submissions for each month’s installments of NAFB eChats, I find myself pondering the overarching “theme” behind the month’s dispatch. This month, with stories about our Foundation internship program and photos featuring longtime University of Illinois professor Jim Evans, my mind wandered toward one of my favorite self-reflective questions: what do I want to be when I grow up?

Thanks in part to the generosity of DuPont Pioneer, the NAFB Foundation Internship Program recently announced plans to offer multiple $1,000 internship grants to member stations and networks.