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For the past seven years, the Red River Farm Network (RRFN) has hosted a series of seminars from its tent at the Big Iron Farm Show, West Fargo, ND, reports Don Wick. In addition to daily market outlook seminars, there were discussions on farm bill implementation, the weather outlook and the use of drone technology in agriculture. RRFN also hosted a fundraiser for the North Dakota and Minnesota FFA Foundations during the show. 

Mike Murphy (KSUM/KFMC, Fairmont, MN) offers his reflections about a 50-year career in broadcasting. “My first day on the radio, New Year’s Day 1964, found me trying my best to stay composed, push all the right buttons, and say all the right things at the appropriate time.” His first day evolved into many days, now numbering 50 years full of “seat-of-the-pants decisions,” “rip and read” and “play the songs.” Even though each day was more of the same, Mike described his radio experience as “never dull” and “never boring.” Seeing it as fun, he observed, “Can’t believe I get paid to do this!”

Allen Humphries participated in the NAFB Intern Program during the month of July and early August. “Allen spent the summer learning about the Morning Ag Report and the WKDZ Country Club,” says Alan Watts (WKDZ/WHVO, Cadiz, KY). “He covered a number of events such as the Trigg County Farm Tour, the University of Kentucky Corn, Soybean and Tobacco Field Day at the Research and Education Center in Princeton and other events.” 

David and Brandon produce seven minutes of agricultural news content daily, and present it to an audience of both rural and urban watchers not only in the Des Moines area, but also in the Cedar Rapids market. “This means our show is watched by about two-thirds of the state.”

Rick Haines (Independent Ag Network, Twin Falls, ID) observed, “Most people vacation with room service, but at my camp, horse and cow work is always a welcome diversion!”  In an email from Rick in late July, he said, “I spent the last five days on the Montana side of the Idaho border outside Yellowstone Park in wolf and grizzly country working cattle with Sitz Angus (prominent producers).