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NEW NAFB Mentor Program

Can you help me? You may not know the answers, but you can probably help someone figure out how to get an answer. If so you could be an NAFB Mentor! We are setting up a program to help Allied Industry Council members get questions answered, get better acclimated to the association, figure out things like what sessions they should attend at convention, etc. Any number of questions may come up for a newer member. Having a mentor, or basically a buddy to contact would make things much easier.

Meet NAFB Broadcaster, and NAFB Vice President, Lorrie Boyer

Lorrie is a 21-year veteran of farm broadcasting, and is the Farm Director at KSIR in Fort Morgan, CO. She is motivated by an intense desire for ag advocacy; telling the farming and ranching story. Lorrie covers issues at local, state and national levels, building a long-standing relationship with every ag organization in the process. As a farm broadcaster, Lorrie finds passion in her career, as she gets to learn something new each day and work with salt-of-the earth people, using her creativity and personality to entertain and inform loyal audiences each day.


Celebrate Summer with Watermelon!

Watermelons are as All-American as a Norman Rockwell lithograph. Often a favorite menu item at summer gatherings are wonderful, juicy watermelon. The biggest weekend for watermelon sales are during Independence Day weekend. Impress your friends and family with the following watermelon trivia facts at your next summer picnic!

Why Membership Matters

Pat Morrow, AIC Representative

All types of organizations – from scouting to churches to credit card companies – need members to be successful. Being a member means the individual is part of an organization, a group of people with a common interest who work together to achieve a common goal.

Meet NAFB Broadcaster

Steve Bridge has one hope for farmers who listen to his noon show; that the information he shares on the radio helps growers be more productive. His hour-long broadcast, which airs Monday-Friday, regularly features weather, grain and livestock markets, the agriculture news of the day, and because of the proximity to the Illinois State Capitol, Bridge also covers politics. “On my show I run the gamut in agriculture news,” says the WFMB-AM/FM radio reporter in Springfield, Ill. “But the focus of the show is producer friendly and producer focused,” Bridge says.

President's Report: The first half of 2014

Janet Adkison, 2014 NAFB President

With summer upon us, I know broadcasters across the country are keeping busy with field days, fairs, festivals and farming challenges. I know busy schedules also ring true for AIC members. We look forward to seeing you as our paths cross at the various farm shows and events ahead.

Broadcast Planning Starts Here!

The NAFB Planner is the newest tool for anyone researching and analyzing broadcast opportunities targeting farm and rural audiences. NAFB invested in the development of a web-based, strategic media planning resource to help kick-start the initial planning stage of any media outreach by providing a visible map of NAFB member stations and networks within a defined targeted geography.

Heading West! Summer Board Meeting

The NAFB Executive Board is heading west this summer to explore the rich and diverse California agriculture industry.

Update From Chase Adams, AIC Representative

Welcome and thank you for all the great feedback on the AIC newsletter. I am not sure if there is a more dynamic or engaged council in NAFB than the AIC. I had the opportunity to visit with many during Washington Watch at the beginning of May.