Mike Hergert (Red River Farm Network, Grand Forks, ND) is shown in “action” shots with his dance partner, Chelsey Marchand, at the Dancing with Special Stars event in Grand Forks on April 14.

After retiring from farm broadcasting, Karl Guenther wrote a regular column for the Kalamazoo Gazette. “About three years ago, there were some changes made, including dumping the division for which I was writing – the Hometown Gazette, which was published on Saturday,” Karl said. However, before that actually happened Karl contacted Peter Tanz, operational vice president for Midwest Radio, which owns WKZO and dozens of other small and mid-mark

Cody Glaser (KKOW, Pittsburg, KS) has been in radio for over six years and in that time, he’s done “a little bit of everything around the station jumping in and helping out wherever needed.” He explained, “I've been our production manager, traffic assistant, on-air personality, and now Ag Director.” In describing himself, he said, “I have a general love for broadcasting regardless of what the subject line may be…agriculture, news, music, or weather. I enjoy gathering and delivering the information that our listeners depend on.” He feels that nothing is more exciting than a listener calling to say, “Letting us know about that storm update really helped out,” or “Our farm depends on your market numbers every day. 

The Linder Farm Network began in 1976 with four Linder family-owned radio stations in Minnesota. Network Farm Director Lynn Ketelsen came in from KMA (Shenandoah, IA) radio to establish the initial farm programming and set up the network. Linda Brekke has been with the network for 16 years, and Jeff Stewart has been there for 18 years.

On February 1, 2014, Ken Rahjes launched agview.net as a way to have flexibility “to be there for his parents as they were going through some medical challenges,” but also to “take a leap” and focus on delivering agricultural and rural information to the "next" generation of production agriculture and those who have a real interest in rural issues.  In October 2014, Ken launched AgView Radio and currently has an expanding network of affiliates in Nebraska and Kansas, which carry daily programming that consists of three 2-minute ag business updates and three 2-minute market updates.