Ann Hess is the North America Field PR Manager for Alltech. A native of South Dakota, Hess holds a bachelor of arts degree in journalism from South Dakota State University. In 2004, she joined Alltech as a product assistant for Yea-Sacc®1026 and then joined the marketing department in 2005 as a territory marketing coordinator for Alltech South Dakota.

Kristi oversees media strategy for all Paulsen clients. Since starting at Paulsen in 1995, she has proven to be an expert planner, strategist and negotiator setting high expectations within ag media.

Pat Reese, Media Director for McCormick, leads media planning and buying for the Elanco Companion Animal Health, American Hereford Association and Monsanto’s Genuity, Channel brands.  Pat brings three decades of media experience in developing and implementing national and local media programs and has strong ties to the agricultural media industry.

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For the past seven years, the Red River Farm Network (RRFN) has hosted a series of seminars from its tent at the Big Iron Farm Show, West Fargo, ND, reports Don Wick. In addition to daily market outlook seminars, there were discussions on farm bill implementation, the weather outlook and the use of drone technology in agriculture. RRFN also hosted a fundraiser for the North Dakota and Minnesota FFA Foundations during the show. 

Mike Murphy (KSUM/KFMC, Fairmont, MN) offers his reflections about a 50-year career in broadcasting. “My first day on the radio, New Year’s Day 1964, found me trying my best to stay composed, push all the right buttons, and say all the right things at the appropriate time.” His first day evolved into many days, now numbering 50 years full of “seat-of-the-pants decisions,” “rip and read” and “play the songs.” Even though each day was more of the same, Mike described his radio experience as “never dull” and “never boring.” Seeing it as fun, he observed, “Can’t believe I get paid to do this!”