71st Convention Recap

Susan Littlefield, 2015 NAFB President

As I drove home Sunday after convention, a song kept playing over and over in my head, You've Got a Friend In Me. I overheard a student conversation about how we all work so well together, sharing audio and equipment. One student said you wouldn't see that in any other media group, they are right. What we do as Farm Broadcasters is so unique, yet we are willing to go the extra mile to help out someone who will air the same story we just worked on. 

Where Are They Now? - Rich Hawkins

Recently, I talked with Rich Hawkins, a longtime NAFB member who -- although retired -- stays involved in broadcasting.



Where Are They Now? - Ken Tanner

This month, I talked with Former NAFB President Ken Tanner.

Ken is dealing with some health issues but was happy to share some of his farm-broadcasting and baseball-announcing experiences.


Where Are They Now? - Skip Davis

For this edition of “Where Are They Now?,” I fvisited with longtime Indiana farm broadcaster Skip Davis, who retired in 2008; and--as you’ll hear--is enjoying retirement but has fond memories of his career.

Pictured are Susan and Skip Davis.

Where Are They Now? - Randy Rasmussen

For this edition of “Where Are They Now?,” I caught up with Randy Rasmussen, another former farm broadcaster who now is a member of the clergy. Randy shares some of his NAFB memories and stories.

Randy Rasmussen


Where Are They Now? - Mike LePorte


Mike LePorte



Where Are They Now? - Rich Balvanz

Starting with this issue, a "Where Are They Now?" interview will be included in most eChats.

Photo used with permission
from Rich Balvanz

Exclusive Opportunity To Report From Europe's Largest Livestock Summit

South Region Vice President, Gary Cooper, invites fellow NAFB Members to participate in a unique livestock reporting opportunity in south-central France, October 4-6, 2017 to attend and cover the European Union’s largest annual Livestock Summit, Sommet de L‘Elevage. The 26th annual event is October 4-6 at its permanent facilities in Clermont-Ferrand, France, located in the heart of Europe’s cattle and livestock production region. Gary had the opportunity to attend Sommet de L`Elevage last year.

Welcome Shannon Higgins To NAFB

Shannon Higgins has joined the National Association of Farm Broadcasting (NAFB) as the Events Manager. She is a 2014 University of Missouri graduate with a degree in Hospitality Management. Shannon spent two years as a chapter consultant for Alpha Chi Omega Fraternity, Inc., working with local chapters on event planning, and more.

March President's Update

Have you been to Washington lately? Some of you routinely travel there, especially to accompany farm organizations on their D.C. visits this time of year. And I have found those trips to be good experiences in that they can bring you closer to your farmers and to lawmakers in Washington. With a Farm Bill to be written a few months down the road, there are a lot of views being shared, and that means a lot of news for your broadcasts.