Congratulations Seanica Otterby

Seanica, NAFB News Service Editor, and her husband, Jimmy, welcomed a baby son, Dillon James on August 12.

Goodbye Aaron Corbet

Aaron’s last day with NAFB is Friday, September 19. He has accepted a United States Army Recruiter position in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

Historian's Report

While NAFB business meetings in recent years have been short and void of controversy, that hasn't always been the case. Those of us who remember meetings in the 70's, 80's and 90's remember long, emotional debates with members standing in line at microphones waiting to speak. Many of those debates centered around membership qualifications but that was by no means a new topic of discussion. At the organization's very first meeting in 1944, the question of membership qualifications was discussed at length

Welcome New NAFB Members

The NAFB membership is growing. Please help us welcome several new and honorary members to the association.

71st Convention Plans Coming Together

This November in Kansas City, NAFB will celebrate its 71st convention with the theme “From Our Roots Our Future Grows.”

From the Editor's Notebook: What do you want to be when you grow up?

As I edit the submissions for each month’s installments of NAFB eChats, I find myself pondering the overarching “theme” behind the month’s dispatch. This month, with stories about our Foundation internship program and photos featuring longtime University of Illinois professor Jim Evans, my mind wandered toward one of my favorite self-reflective questions: what do I want to be when I grow up?

Ten NAFB Member Entities Receive Internship Grants

Thanks in part to the generosity of DuPont Pioneer, the NAFB Foundation Internship Program recently announced plans to offer multiple $1,000 internship grants to member stations and networks.

NAFB Staffer Aaron Corbet Transitions to Active Army Service

Please join us in congratulating Aaron Corbet, NAFB Events Coordinator, as he prepares for his next career with the United States Army.

President's Report: The first half of 2014

As I look at the calendar and wrap my head around the idea that it’s almost July, I reflect back on the excitement of the last 15 months.  In April 2013 I moved to Nashville, Tenn., when I joined the team at RFD TV. Between NAFB activities and a new job, the end of 2013 came around in the blink of an eye.