April 27-29, 2015
Washington, D.C., Holiday Day Inn Capitol South

70 years ago the National Association of Radio Farm Directors, like the rest of the country, was focused on the war effort. As the calendar turned to 1945 many NARFD members were in the service while others had undertaken War Bond and other war related efforts. 

Please help welcome the following new NAFB members. 

Broadcast Council 

  • Gregory Bartusiak, Farm Director, WCUB Radio, Manitowoc, WI 
  • Jesse Harding, Farm Broadcaster, KRVN/Rural Radio Network, Lexington, NE 
  • David Sparks, News Reporter, Ag Information Network Of The West, Boise, ID    

IN THE MONTANA LEGISLATURE…his farm broadcasting skill  helps Taylor Brown (Northern Ag Network, Billings, MT) be a more effective Montana state senator.  He says he’s learned to “boil down” complex issues into a couple of paragraphs for his listeners and that experience equips him to better represent his citizens. “Because of mandated term limits, I am going into my fourth and final session in the Senate.  It will be my second session to Chair the Senate Agriculture, Livestock, and Irrigation Committee. Our sessions are limited to 90 days, every other year.  We start January 5 and go until the end of April.”  


Sam Knipp (Oklahoma Farm Bureau, Oklahoma City, OK) conducts a "training" interview with a student in the Oklahoma State University capstone class, "Animal Ag Advocacy and Policy."This marks the fifth year that Sam has worked alongside Dr. Jerry Fitch to teach students to be advocates for animal agriculture. The course is taught in the Animal Science Department each semester.