Ken Root was part of a small delegation that traveled to South Africa, Mozambique and Zambia in October to look at investing in farm land. Underwritten by People's Company, a farm real estate firm based in Des Moines, IA, Ken was accompanied by a videographer and an investment analyst. Trip video will be used at the January 23 Land Investment Expo in Des Moines. Ken’s group was shown several farms by Koos DeKlerk, general manager of Emvest Investments, and Susan Payne, Executive Chairman of Emvest Investments.

As Carrie Muehling celebrates 10 years as Agribusiness Director at WJBC (Bloomington, IL), this month, she reports on a unique Moms Tour. “This fall it has been fun to ride along with area farmers as they bring in a record harvest of corn and soybeans. One of those opportunities came with McLean County farmers, Gerald and Tyler Thompson (father/son), as they hosted a group of local moms who are part of the Illinois Farm Families program.” Illinois Farm Families began this program a few years ago with Chicago-area field moms, and while that original program continues, others have popped up all over the state.

Rose Marie Lawrence and her husband, Everett, celebrated their 52nd wedding anniversary in late October. Rose Marie retired from NAFB two years ago, but she still comes back to help with the Annual NAFB Convention. You can congratulate her in person at this year’s convention. She was hired by Ken Root in 2003.

WOWO-AM/FM​WOWO-AM (Fort Wayne, IN) was named Medium Market Radio Station of the Year at the 2014 National Association of Broadcasters’ (NAB) Marconi Radio Awards ceremony in Indianapolis. 

I'm Rob Winters - farm director at WOWO-AM/FM in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  I was the recipient of last year's NAFB Horizon Award.  Oddly enough, I qualified for the rookie status that goes along with the award, but it basically made me one of the oldest rookies on record since I celebrated 40 years in broadcasting last year as well.