Suzanne Hubbard, a former farm broadcaster with KKOW Radio in Pittsburg, Kansas, has a family of five and is remains active in agriculture...



Meghan Dehn (Farm Director, KMZU/KRLI, Carrollton, Missouri) is a new NAFB Broadcast Council member. 

“Looking back on my life I can truly say that I have always wanted to be a farmer,” said Ken McCauley. “That dream came true in 1965 when my brother and I started farming 160 acres that my mother owned. I was 16, and he was 14, but we soon found out we needed more than land. Dad was always good to let us use our own ideas but was always there when we needed him. One thing he taught us very early on is, ‘You have to know what your expenses are so you have to pay harvest and fuel.’  That was such a good lesson even today as our son takes over our operation."

After what will end up being a year-and-a-half part-time job, Kolt Buchenroth has accepted a full-time position at Ohio Ag Net.

From chapter FFA reporter to chairman of one of the most highly respected communications agencies in agriculture, Lyle Orwig (Allied Industry Council member, Hartland, Wisconsin) has left an indelible mark on hundreds of ag companies and professionals. The well-known ag communicator recently announced his retirement from the agency he co-founded with John Charleston in 1992 — then known as Charleston│Orwig and since rebranded as C.O.nxt.