Sabrina Hill and Rusty Halvorson were married in an intimate wedding with family and close friends September 28, 2019. 

On August 24, 2019, Russell Nemetz and Rachel Hafla were married in Billings, Montana. 

Tom Robinson (KSOM, Atlantic, Iowa) took a different route than most when entering the field of broadcasting. 

Shannon Gray (AlphaMedia USA, Amarillo, Texas) returns to KGNC-AM as the agribusiness news director, bringing previous knowledge and experience to the AlphaMedia team.

Bob Brunker (J.L. Farmakis, Inc.; NAFB Management and Sales Council member) is receiving the 2019 National Agri–Marketing Association (NAMA) Professional Development Award (PDA) of Excellence at this year’s NAMA Fall Conference, October 7-9, in St. Louis, Missouri.