“One of the opportunities we have as farm broadcasters for the National Association of Farm Broadcasting is participating in the NAFB Foundation Intern Grant program,” said NAFB Vice President Gale Cunningham. “The grant program helps to fund the cost of having an aspiring young potential farm broadcaster in their shop. One of my interns, Madison Mitchell, a student at the College of ACES at the University of Illinois, recently gave me insight that we sometimes miss in our daily agriculture broadcasts.”  

Josh Scramlin became a member of Pam Jahnke’s team on the Wisconsin Farm Report in Madison, Wisconsin, on May 6, 2019. He said he has two passions: agriculture and broadcasting. So, it only seemed natural for him to join Jahnke’s team. 

Reba McClone is a new farm assistant at the Wisconsin Farm Report and will be learning from Pam Jahnke. Agricultural broadcasting is not what she originally planned to have as her career, but she is glad that those original plans have changed. 

On a bus traveling from the lowlands of Ecuador toward the Quito airport, Carah Hart (Red River Farm Network, Grand Forks, North Dakota) reflected on her trip. “It has been one great week reporting agriculture’s business. Looking out the window, there’s the lush green vegetation of a cloud forest. The climate is warm and humid. My hair has gone from straight to frizzy. I also smell like bug spray, sweat and dirt,” Hart noted. “Telling the story of local farmers intertwining in Ecuadorian agriculture was the opportunity of a lifetime,” she said. In January, Hart joined 12 members of the Red River Valley Ag Peer Group for a weeklong tour of the country.

The Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDOA) and partners dedicated a plaque to honor former Illinois Director of Agriculture and former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture John R. Block on April 22, 2019.