Born and raised on a Stearns County dairy farm in Central Minnesota. I've worked at KASM Radio in Albany - located just 2 miles down the road from the family farm - since the summer of 1999. I've been Farm Director since 2009. 

Since 1975, I have attended the NAFB Convention every year and been proud to be a voting member since 1977.  I am at the point of my career when now my employer and I am willing to take the steps necessary for me to help lead the organization I sincerely believe in, into a new era of informing new generations of consumers and agriculture professionals of the importance of production agriculture at home and around the world. 

This organization has been an integral part of my personal professional development since my first days as a student member. I want to do everything I can to make sure NAFB can play that same role for future generations of farm broadcasters and the agricultural industry as a whole.

During my career, I have worked in Farm Radio on the On-Air side, but primarily in Sales and Management.  My current position is CEO of the Nebraska Rural Radio Association.

As a proud advocate for the National Association of Farm Broadcasters throughout my career, spanning agency and trade associations, it’d truly be an honor to serve as the Allied Industry Council representative on the NAFB Board of Directors. Whether it’s attending the NAFB Trade Talk or ensuring the NAFB News Service is part of our public relations strategy, I’ve always stressed the importance of reaching our farmers through radio.