Few of us know exactly what we are going to be when we are growing up. Life changes and opportunities, both good and bad, present themselves in infinite ways, affecting our professional paths. Ken Root is no exception to this.

What began as a study abroad experience in college led to a career supporting international agriculture for Delaney Howell, president of Ag News Daily.

If you’ve ever enjoyed the sight of a century-old barn standing alongside a rural highway — historical monuments with faded red paint, expertly built with sturdy foundations and strong frames — then you might be able to relate to veteran agricultural broadcaster Gene Millard.


Giving back to organizations that once poured into you and helped foster the growth of the next generation of agriculturalists is something many strive to do. Bryce Doeschot, farm broadcaster and video specialist at KRVN, is doing just that.

Former farm broadcaster and dairy industry representative Sherry Newell visited with NAFB Historian Mike Adams about her career and what she’s been doing since retiring...