When you read a crime novel by JJ Gould, you notice three things: one, the author must really know radio and agriculture; two, the characters are compelling and unique; and three, there are not a lot of wasted words.

After a 43-year career in agriculture, Brownfield Ag News Anchor/Reporter Ken Anderson has decided to move on to the next stage of life. Anderson retired at the end of the year, signing off for the last time December 30.

Travis Cleven, ag director, (WTAQ AM-FM /WDEZ, Green Bay, Wisconsin) knew the challenge facing him.

After 23 years at the American Ag Network, Rusty Halvorson decided it was time for a change.

Never in a million years did a small-town country kid from Higginsville, Missouri, ever think he would one day have the honor to perform at the White House — let alone twice in the span of two weeks.